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And the story is completely contained inside the cover — there is no teaser at the end for the next book or large plot thread left hanging. Hughes tells a mystery, set in the far future, where magic and science are intermingled, though magic known as sympathetic association is slowly becoming the dominant method by which the universe operates.

But there are still spaceships, intelligent computers, weird aliens and all the other features of a great science fiction tale. It is in the addition of magic, and the encounters Hepthorn has when thrown far forward into time, that we see some of the classic elements of fantasy — swords, villains, and medieval scenery. This mix and match of plots, background, and tropes add to the great fun of the novel. Hughes has written especially great dialogue. The novel just becomes easily comfortable, and Henghis Hapthorn a character we like and appreciate for his intelligence and confidence.

He is a Victorian hero in a far-flung future. I highly recommend The Spiral Labyrinth. Eesh, good luck. Grunkins Couch Commander. Joined Jan 18, Messages That's about the best I got. There's really no one out there that brings what Vance brings to the table. The upside is he published about seven hundred thousand novels and novellas.

There's always more Vance to read. Ogma Well-Known Member. Joined Nov 4, Messages I haven't read it yet - it's in my tbr pile.

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Connavar Well-Known Member. Joined Apr 1, Messages 8, I have no interest to read Songs of Dying Earth for example because even though im a fan of Tanith Lee and co no one writes like Vance or has his kind of wit, imagination, pseudo antique prose style he used often. Its not only because he is my alltime fav author but who wants a pale copy of an original voice like Vance.

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Books like Vance He thankfully like many great writers in history wrote alot of books,stories to earn his keep, his living. A bit similar to Demon Princes types worlds.

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Not similar to the writer Vance but a good pastiche of his SF worlds,stories. Last edited: Apr 27, Jack Vance is more than one of sf's most unique writers, he is a virtual genre unto himself and only inferiors have the nerve to disparage him. His influence is great and has been widely cast but influence is one thing and imitation quite another. Foster, a Vancean mimicry I came within 55 pages of finishing. But that special something that endows people in their twenties to accomplish unbelievably wonderful and reckless deeds failed me.

There's something almost sinful about not finishing a book especially when you spent so much into it but I knew I could not survive another paragraph. So I put it back on the shelf where it's sat for several decades, preserved if for no other reason than its rather eye catching cover.

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Emphyricist Well-Known Member. Joined Apr 17, Messages I'm not sure what the policy on necroing vs duplicate threads is, so I'm necroing this one.

As has been said here, and in pretty much every discussion of his work, there is nobody like Vance. Vance is to science fiction what Gilbert and Sullivan are to opera or Archer is to television: a combination of highbrow, lowbrow, and manic creative energy which few contemporaries would even try to duplicate.

Despite this, it is probably the closest thing by an author who isn't Jack Vance to a Vance story. Guin wrote very little in his lifetime, but what seems to be his best-known work, "Beyond Bedlam," is on Project Gutenberg and I've been meaning to read it. J Riff The Ants are my friends.. Matthew Hughes' Official Website. Back News Back Fandom Risingshadow. Back Recent Topics Search. Give rating. Hespira Archonate: Tales of Henghis Hapthorn, 3.